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Sigve K. Tonstad

"I was born and raised in Norway, where I am currently living while I finish a commentary on the book of Revelation. I am also a professor of religion at Loma Linda University in California. I earned my BA in Theology at Middle East College in Lebanon (1974) and thereafter graduated with my MD at Loma Linda University (1979). Then I received my MA in Biblical Studies from Loma Linda University (1990). I felt the need for additional research and studied at Duke University under E. P. Sanders and Richard B. Hays before obtaining my Ph. D. from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in New Testament Studies. I am married to Serena Hasso Tonstad, a physician and preventive medicine specialist. We have two grown daughters. In my spare time, I enjoy running in the woods, rollerblading and cross-country skiing."

Dr. Tonstad is a prolific author, and his other books in English include:

  • The Scandals of the Bible (2000)

  • Saving God's Reputation (Bloomsbury T.&T. Clark, 2006)

  • The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day (Andrews University Press, 2009)

  • A chapter in the anthology Servant God (Loma Linda University Press, 2013)

  • Letter to the Romans: Paul among the Ecologists (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2016)

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