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Dr. Tonstad interviewed in new movie

A new documentary has been released and Dr. Tonstad is in it. The film is called "J.E.S.U.S.A." and you can rent or buy it on Vimeo. The movie presents early Christianity's emphasis on nonviolence and traces the changes over time until in some circles today there can be substantial overlap between Christians and national militarism. Dr. Tonstad briefly discusses "the lie" on John 8:44 as well as Saint Augustine and the character of God, topics treated at length in his book "God of Sense". Others appearing in the documentary include David Bentley Hart, Diana Butler Bass, Greg Boyd and Brian Zahnd, among others. The easiest way to find the movie may be to go to the film's website which is: I am one of the producers of the film and we were honored to be able to include Dr. Tonstad as one of the presenters. If you do watch it please feel free to send us your thoughts using the website. Thank you.

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